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Bolero Straitjacket™

The Bolero Straitjacket™ is a cutting edge new (Patented) design by the engineers at JT's Stockroom™. The Bolero is a slimmed down, feminine modification of a standard medical straitjacket that is more fitted than traditional straitjackets and leaves the torso and breasts of the wearer exposed. The sleeves are similar to Bondage Opera Gloves and are independent of each other until harnessed together. These are a little better for broad-framed subjects than the Mono-Glove Armbinder, as the arms may be bound in various positions either independent of each other or together. The Bolero Straitjacket is an excellent restraint for women, especially busty women who might have health or safety issues with a regular straitjacket, and smaller women who have trouble fitting securely into standard straitjackets. The Bolero also allows for more extreme and restricted restraining options yet is comfortable enough to be worn longer than single arm binders or Mono Gloves. Stockroom™ offers their sexy, groundbreaking design in a few material options as shown below.

Leather Bolero StraitJacket™ Back View of Bolero StraitJacket™ Standing View
Leather Bolero Straitjacket StraitJacket Back Bolero Straitjacket

A Perforated Leather Bolero offers the most long term bondage capabilities for this type of restraint. The perforated leather is similar to the perforation of a football jersey allowing for air to pass through and the skin to breathe. This also makes it an excellent option for bondage play in warmer environments.

Perforated Leather Bolero StraitJacket™ Side View Perforated Leather Bolero StraitJacket™ Front View Perforated Leather Bolero StraitJacket™ Unstrapped
Justine Joli in a Perforated Leather StraitJacket Justine Joli in Bondage Justine Joli in Bolero

A Rubber Latex Bolero became available around the end of October 2008. Although this is more of a Fetish Fashion item, there are some functional advantages to a rubber strait jacket such as versatility. A latex Bolero Straitjacket can also be used for water bondage since latex it is waterproof and will not ruin if exposed to water. A good tip for wearing any latex clothing is to apply a high grade silicone based lubricant (we recommend Eros Pjur) to your skin like you would lotion. This prevents skin from sticking to the latex item and increases flexibility. The lubricant also helps to condition and protect your latex Straitjacket. It is also recommended that you use this same silicone based lubricant on the item itself as a polish.  The lubricant will make your rubber straitjacket shine as well as condition it. Latex items should be stored with a light silicone dressing on it rather than dry and away from direct sunlight.

Warning! Never use a water based lubricant on any Latex item as it will degrade the item.

Rubber Bolero StraitJacket™ Back Rubber/Latex Bolero StraitJacket™ Front View
Justine Joli in a Perforated Leather StraitJacket Justine Joli in Bondage


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