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Girl in Armbinder

Leather Armbinder Restraints History

The Arm Binder (Also spelled as one word armbinder) is a broad category of devices that bind the arms. People confuse Armbinders as only being Monogloves. The Monoglove is a narower description which is typically an armbider that is tubular with Straps. Also known as the Single sleeve, or Single Glove it is one of the most aesthetically appealing bondage devices available, these restraints are typically made of black or red leather due to the strength, durability, and softness of the leather. Occasionally you will also see these restraints in a heavy rubber, latex or PVC material. Armbinders are often used in fetish art and photography. They are also used in bondage play and many enthusiasts have their own personal armbinder stories.

Fetish photographer and illustrator John Willie (1902-1962) is often given credit for inventing the armbinder. Willie was the alter ego of John Alexander Scott Coutts, who founded Bizarre fetish magazine in the 1940’s. His illustrations often featured subjects laced into armbinders and forced into strappado bondage, a position in which a person's arms are bound behind their back then lifted and secured to a separate attachment point above so that the person is forced to bend forward.

Most people find the posture created by armbinder restraints visually appealing whether they are in to BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) or not. By binding the arms behind the back, the breasts are thrust forward and can appear larger. Although they are often viewed as fetish art or fashion, armbinders can be a lethal design if a subject is suspended by them. This can lead to gradual suffocation. Obviously this is not something that you would want to do in either sensual or heavy bondage play. The strappado bondage position was often used in Medieval times as an effective form of torture because of the excruciating pain created when a victim is lifted off of the ground by their arms.  Even the most flexible person can suffer permanent damage from having their limbs bound in an extreme position for an extended period of time, so safety measures must be taken to ensure a subject is not pushed beyond their physical limits.


Women in Armbinders

Leather Armbinder Restraints Use

Armbinders are a bondage device often made of leather and used to bind a person’s arms together, usually behind the back. This style of arm restraint also has leather straps that go over the wearer’s shoulders and across the chest in order to secure them to the subject and prevent the arm binder from slipping off the arms. This is important to keep the wearer from being able to pull out of the restraint or to prevent slipping during bondage play. Most armbinders typically cover the hands with a mitt like end that helps to further render the wearer helpless by removing the use of their fingers and opposing thumbs. Models are Kyla Cole and Kiki.




Leather Armbinder Restraint Quality Check

What to look for! (Also see page 4 Arm Splints a quality Bondage Gear Quality Comparison Review and buyers guide)

Grommets: The grommets on your armbinder should be solid, meaning they do not split or crack in the back from where they were pressed on. Cracking or splitting will expose the base metal under the coating.  The base metal is usually brass and will tarnish and rust if exposure occurs. This will ruin the leather and can create a health concern. The metal can have sharp barbs and become a tetanus hazard.

(Thicker Gauge Hardware) Shopping online makes it difficult to identify hardware since you can't feel it and inspect it up close, but it is a very important component of your armbinder.

(Welded Hardware) The hardware on your bondage equipment should be welded. If it is an O-ring or D-Ring or similar item then it should be bent and the ends and the metal should be welded together to prevent the ring from separating under pressure. Un-welded hardware is common in cheap bondage gear and can create potential hazards. Novelty grade restraints are not built for extreme bondage play and are not often made by people who understand the demands that are placed on the restraints. This can be very dangerous, and serious bondage lovers stay away from cheap knock-offs and novelty items.

(Stitching) When selecting an armbinder, look for neat stitching without frays. Frays will unravel and compromise the stability of the garment. Look closely at any attachment points such as rings. The ring at the fingertip end of the armbinder needs to be able to support stress. Verify that it has a solid box stitch or a rivet reinforced stitch, which is best.

What to ask!

(Thread) Thread is another very important part of armbinders. Be sure to ask what type of thread is in an armbinder before purchasing. Almost all bondage manufacturers use cotton thread, which is bad when used in bondage gear. Look for an armbinder that uses a good nylon thread. uses #69 Nylon Threads which is one of the best threads available for bondage gear. At this weight the nylon thread provides superior strength and durability. Nylon is resistant to rot and mildew which forms on cotton thread as a result of perspiration during typical bondage play.

When considering cheaper armbinders, remember there are many reasons why they are cheap and not conducive to serious bondage play. You are better off spending the extra money and investing in a quality arm binder that will last a lifetime. A quality armbinder will also be as hygienic as possible and constructed to be safe for extreme bondage in restraints. Since shopping online doesn’t allow you to compare quality on items in a picture, a good rule of thumb is to go with a reputable brand that has been around a long time and can be trusted to provide quality bondage gear for serious S&M play.

ArmbinderAny quality arm binder should have a ring attached to the fingertip for securing the person’s arms to an object such as a hogtie, ankle restraints, a headboard, a wall, a belt, a rope, or a tree. Often the ring is used to secure the wearer in a strappado position with the arms raised up while bound behind the back, forcing the victim to bend forward. Be creative, just make sure that you are being safe, sane, and consensual.  Use a safe word to communicate with your partner during play and always be sure that they are consenting to bondage before you begin. Never leave a bound man or woman un-attended as they are vulnerable mentally and physically and health concerns can arise quickly. A "strict bind" is when the arms are bound with the elbows touching behind the back. This often looks like a long sleeve that encapsulates both arms. This leather restraint is made for a more flexible person or a person with a smaller frame. Be careful not to damage the wearer’s arms, elbows, or shoulders.



Opera Gloves

Some armbinders are two separate sleeves also referred to as Bondage Opera Gloves and Two Sleeve Armbinder. These are much better for broad-framed subjects. These can be far more flexible than other arm binders.

Male Armbinder Bondage Photo

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